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Once your Project has been created, you should take the time to complete the Project SiteOverview. Once your project documentation is uploaded, it becomes available to all team members who join the project to view. In many cases gathering project documents is an ongoing process that you will have to go back to and update as the project develops.

  1. The default landing tab in SiteOverview is the ‘People’ tab. In this tab you can assign Project Members to specific roles in the project using the ‘Update key roles’ button, or by selecting edit next to the role you wish to change.

Assign Team Member

  1. The first Project documents related tab is the Emergency tab. Select the ‘Update emergency details’ button to bring up the editing menu.

Update Emergency Details

  1. The ‘Certificates,’ ‘Compliance,’ ‘Health & Safety,’ ‘Permits’ and ‘Policies’ tabs are where you store Project specific documentation. Select the ‘Add’ button in the right bar to add documents to these pages.

Note that the documents stored here are different to business specific documentation, which can be attached to a project using ‘My business on site’

  1. The Disciplines tab is where you create and manage you Project disciplines, which is where you will store and manage Project drawings. This is covered in more detail later