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Setup Project

To start a project only takes a single step and can be done as soon as you have setup your business in SiteSupervisor.

Note that only Owner/Principals and Administrators may create a project. To understand more about permissions, please see the Guides article on Permissions. (link)

  1. Select the Dashboard view.


If the overview pane is not visible, click the green arrow to view it. A similar green button is available on a mobile phone.

mobile green

  1. Select the ‘New project’ button from the right bar to create a new project.

new project

All fields marked with asterisk are mandatory.

  1. Give your project a name and a project number.

We strongly recommend a well-defined project naming and numbering scheme for all your business projects that are obvious and relevant to your business.

  1. Project Status will by default be set to ‘Not Started.’ You can also set the project data storage and site address when initially creating the project.
    The project data storage option commands SiteSupervisor’s hosting business (AWS) to use one of the four options listed. This selection may be mandated by your government’s regulation. This cannot be deleted once the project is created.


  1. Once all initial project details are complete, select the ‘Create Project’ button.

create project