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The drawing register is central to any construction project and to SiteSupervisor. Using SitePlans you can store, manage, approve and distribute drawings, as well as add revisions and sort revisions across multiple drawings.

  1. To upload a drawing, select the SitePlans section in the left-side menu.
  2. Select a discipline from the list (link to disciplines). If the discipline has no drawings, you can select the ‘Add my first drawing’ button, otherwise select the ‘Add drawings’ button from the right-side bar.

Add First Drawing

  1. Follow the screen prompts to upload your drawing. Note that any fields marked with a ‘*’ are mandatory to upload a drawing to the register. Select ‘Next’ to continue.
  2. SiteSupervisor will take a moment to process the drawing. Once this is completed your drawing is uploaded to the discipline’s drawing register. The drawing will not be visible to users with certain project access levels until the revision has been approved. Depending on your own project access level, you may approve the drawing yourself or request approval using an automatically generated SiteComm request.

Note that once a drawing is approved, certain details of the drawing cannot be changed, and the drawing cannot be deleted. You will be warned of this before being able to approve any drawing.