How could a simple profile change your company’s future?

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How could a simple profile change your company’s future?

Adam Turner
October 17 2018 · 2 min read

Revolutionising networking within the construction industry, SiteSupervisor’s business and personnel profiles will help you put your best foot forward while staying on top of your paperwork.

SiteSupervisor is a true digital construction ecosystem which is built by the construction industry, for the construction industry. It’s an affordable solution designed from the ground up to ensure that it adds value to every participant in the global construction industry, rather than benefiting one project stakeholder who then forces it on everyone else by making it mandatory on a project.

The Gartner Group says that a true digital ecosystem is mutually beneficial. It creates value by supporting business models that enable participants to achieve performance superior to those that operate independently. That cannot be the case with a system, if it only works to the benefit of one project stakeholder.

One of SiteSupervisor’s strengths is that it is the only construction industry platform to combine a digital ecosystem with a public profile architecture. You could think of it as the LinkedIn of the construction industry, but tailored to the industry’s specific needs. This includes specific features around task management, digital drawing management, storage and collaboration, as well as hierarchy-driven communication and collaboration across the entire industry.

Detailed company and personnel profiles will change the way you network within the industry and how you present your business, your team members, and skills. It’s easy to assess credentials in real-time. The platform streamlines the onboarding and induction process when taking on new team members, subcontractors or clients, plus it makes it simple to reconnect with those you’ve worked with previously.

SiteSupervisor doesn’t just manage compliance, it also lets you manage all documentation, drawings, permits, certification and health & safety required by every company and person involved in a construction project.

It’s an industry-wide ecosystem open to all and, unlike rival platforms, it doesn’t place limits on project numbers or data and file storage. Instead it’s a dynamic system which adapts to your needs. When you start working on a new construction project, there’s no need to hand over more money, create new accounts, double-up on paperwork or waste time re-entering data. SiteSupervisor ensures that you hit the ground running, rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks. SiteSupervisor has tremendous appeal as the total usage cost is very easily calculated because of their very simple pricing model. Once a company has signed up they simply pay one low price per month per user no matter how many projects or sites they are working on consecutively, or how much data they are using in any given month. It is very simple; AUD $20.00 per user per month (around $US15).

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach though, SiteSupervisor offers value to everyone in the construction industry. It’s designed for the four main types of users: consultants, principal/general contractors, subcontractors and site workers. The platform lets them all work together seamlessly, offering features targeted to their specific needs. Plus it manages all the documentation – from architectural drawings right down to individual site training certificates, other tickets, licences, and health & safety requirements.

SiteSupervisor also makes you the master of your own destiny, giving you complete control over your own business data and granular access restrictions over exactly who can access what. All while, most importantly, respecting the hierarchy of the industry.

The use of industry-wide profiles is just another way that SiteSupervisor is disrupting the existing digital platforms used within the construction industry. It’s a true ecosystem which delivers immediate value to everyone involved in a construction project, at a price affordable to all.

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