Need a simpler, more streamlined management platform? We've just launched PlanDrive

Launch of PlanDrive

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Launch of PlanDrive

Janith Randeniya
March 31 2020 · 3 min read

The team at SiteSupervisor has been working hard to bring you a simpler, more stream-lined version of what's best in SiteSupervisor. We are proud to introduce you to:

PlanDrive (

As design and construction teams move to work more remotely in these trying times, we want to ensure we are doing everything we can to help. The new product is aimed for architects, project managers and builders seeking to get on top of their revision control. It can be a drop-in replacement for your Dropbox set-up or it could reign in the plethora of drawings shared via email.

We've taken the best part of SiteSupervisor and made it into a standalone product. SiteSupervisor will continue to remain our flagship product but we are hoping that PlanDrive can be a better fit for teams looking for a simpler, more stream-lined solution.

You can use your existing SiteSupervisor account or sign-up for free at PlanDrive.

Here are the key changes, that apply to both SiteSupervisor and PlanDrive with the March, 2020 release:

Plans is now free to use

First and foremost, we are now offering our most sought after module; Plans (formerly know as SitePlans) for free. This is to ensure that every team can start using the platform for our most pressing need: being able to view and collaborate on drawings online. We hope that this will reduce the need to share physical drawings in person and contribute to improving social distancing on and off the site.

Unlimited revision upload until 1st June 2020.

Plans will instead offer 1,000 revisions per business, for free. You will be able to pay and increase your business's revision limit afterward. However, to further help our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering unlimited revision uploads until 1st June 2020. You will be able to track your upload count through our new dashboard tool.

Support for Individual accounts

We've added the ability to invite individuals to your project. They will be able to view the Plans on the project for free, without having to join your business or pay for the platform.

Users can decide if they want to experience the platform as an Individual or Business on sign-up.

Register viewer gets new modes

We have introduced 3 new ways to view your plans in a discipline.

  • List (No grouping) allows you to view a simple list of all the revisions in a discipline
  • List (By drawing) allows you to view the revisions grouped by drawing for more controlled filtering
  • Register (By Status) has been refined to give you more control and filtering capabilities.

New modes to view your drawings.<


A frequently requested feature was the ability to upload specifications alongside drawings. We now support multi-page PDF uploads of specifications that can be viewed side-by-side to the drawings in a discipline. Specifications have the full support for custom statuses, granular permissions and multiple viewing modes.

Uploading multi-page PDF Specification.

Custom statuses

Create as many statuses for each of your disciplines.

Simplified permissions

Simplified permissions will take away the guess-work from setting up your project.

Granular revision control

Share the right drawings with the right teams, nothing more and nothing less.

... and much more!

We have improved several other parts of the platform including but not limited to: simpler business and project documents, streamlined the sign-up process and added several performance improvements.

We'll be waiting for you over at PlanDrive, come meet us there!

Move your team to work remotely and collaborately, today.

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