Site Supervisor Overview

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Site Supervisor Overview

David Braue
August 19 2018 · 4 min read

Collaborative construction is impossible unless everybody is involved

Managing construction projects is a tough business. There are so many stages, so many subcontractors and companies involved, and so much that can go wrong, causing delays which then impact dramatically on your prelim cost.

It goes without saying that you need a system you can rely on – but that’s been harder than it should be. On a good day we know we can rely on our own manual processes but when things go wrong and all our energy is then focused on a specific site issue, everything else banks up behind that issue.

The problem is: most construction digital platforms available to date have been written by software developers who have extremely limited, if any, construction and/or on site experience. They might write good code, but designing and coding from a set of written specifications will only get you so far as usually results in something far too complicated for site workers.

The value of experience

SiteSupervisor was constructed from Day One to provide a better solution – designed by the construction industry, for the industry.

Years in the making, it was built from the ground up based on its founders’ decades of building experience.

And we’re not talking about the kind of experience that happens in the project office; we’re talking about the kind you get from getting onsite at 5am, switching on the urn, and checking the site to make sure nothing was robbed during the night.

It’s the kind of experience you get laying bollards on the road to mark out a safe delivery area before the sun comes up. Hauling sheets of plasterboard up fire escapes. Doing set-out in the mud.

The truth is: the success or failure of any construction project isn’t only based on having good project managers and site foremen. It depends on how well the people on the ground do their jobs – and how well information required for those jobs is communicated to them initially and throughout as specifications change, requiring constant distribution.

Most construction industry platforms are terrible at this – and that’s because they have been designed for just one part of the construction industry, the documentation.

Managing plans and documents helps consultants, project managers and site foremen – but what about the rest of the construction team? If the management team are the only ones that can justify the expense of using the platform, what potential collaboration benefits are being lost?

Inexpensive enough for everyone to use, but good enough that you’d pay more for it anyway

SiteSupervisor has been designed in a completely different way. Rather than charging $100 or more per month for a few employees to use the platform, SiteSupervisor costs just AUD $20 per user per month (around USD $15).

That’s inexpensive enough that any principal or general contractor can justify mandating the platform to every single member of the construction team.

Yet while SiteSupervisor’s price is a great reason to use the platform, its features are an even better reason.

It is built around a real-world workflow that mirrors the way projects are actually managed. Delivering you the process and organisation you trust, but ensuring it doesn’t leave the site when you do.

You know how it works: Drawings are created through collaboration, then finalised, approved and distributed, and revised again. Tasks are allocated to subcontractors, who report back when they’re done or if there are any issues that need resolving. Project and Site Managers oversee the program, and give instructions.

SiteSupervisor was built from the ground up with the knowledge that construction projects are built around people – and therefore so is SiteSupervisor’s workflow.

One centralised directory known within SiteSupervisor as “Profiles” lets authorised users view every construction team member’s compliance, qualifications, and certifications to streamline project on-boarding and induction.

Drawings can be easily marked up to show areas of concern, or highlight important coordination issues. Those mark-ups can be allocated to people as tasks with full tracking and subcontractor work flow management. There is also a unique messaging system inside the platform which maintains a full audit trail of every conversation.

And as the centralised drawing register is a full document management system, it keeps track of the many revisions and documents that are created during any project – making sure everyone is working from the most up to date drawing revision, even if there are hundreds or even thousands of documents. It’s all in the one place and controlled.

Building collaboration for everyone

The more you use SiteSupervisor, the more you see how closely it fits the workflow that you use every single day onsite. It will improve communication with workers, reduce finger-pointing when things go wrong, and help construction teams work together more quickly than ever to deliver on time; and that can put some more money in the back pocket.

SiteSupervisor recognises that collaboration is only possible if everyone is able to collaborate – and that’s true whether you’re working on a two-townhouse subdivision, or a fifty-storey retail/office complex.

Indeed, while many construction platform vendors proudly trumpet the logos of their big-name builder clients, those big builders only make up 20 percent of construction projects. SiteSupervisor works for big name builders too but is also designed for the other 80 percent who represent the backbone of the construction industry – no matter how big or small the project. SiteSupervisor is the platform for the entire construction industry.

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