What is a digital ecosystem and how could it impact construction?

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What is a digital ecosystem and how could it impact construction?

Adam Turner
September 12 2018 · 3 min read

Keeping all the project documentation you need in the one place, SiteSupervisor promises to disrupt the construction industry with a true digital ecosystem that puts everything you need at your fingertips – whatever your role at an affordable price.

For all the talk of the paperless office, the typical construction site is still drowning under a sea of paperwork. Whether you’re a builder, general contractor, engineer or architect, you’ve got more important things to do with your time than juggle paperwork.

It’s not just the ongoing hassle of keeping all that paperwork in order, it’s the stress over ensuring that you have the latest revision of key documents when projects can be in flux. It’s also the difficulty in establishing an indisputable paper trail and ensuring accountability for all involved, as claims of missing a crucial RFI and site instructions often cut to the core of expensive disputes in the construction industry.

This is where SiteSupervisor can quickly deliver real tangible benefits, taking the pain out of paperwork. It’s an industry-wide platform, letting you seamlessly interact with various projects and vendors, rather than dividing your critical business data across multiple systems.

Historically, these disjointed data silos have forced everyone in the construction industry to use different systems for different projects, and in many cases within the same project. This fragmentation destroys the efficiencies that businesses are chasing in the digital age, meaning more time spent on admin which cuts into your profitability and the valuable time that could be better spent on the work site.

SiteSupervisor isn’t the first to promise relief to an industry drowning in paperwork, but it does take a holistic view whereas others only tackle part of the problem based on their narrow perspectives of the construction industry.

The Gartner Group says that a true digital ecosystem is mutually beneficial. It creates value by supporting business models that enable participants to achieve performance superior to those that operate independently.

That cannot be the case if a platform only works to the benefit of one project stakeholder who then foists it on everyone else. Meanwhile, SiteSupervisor is designed from the ground up to ensure that it adds value to every user. It does this by establishing mutually beneficial standards that enabling people to work together seamlessly.

The beauty of SiteSupervisor is that it’s designed to suit everyone working on a construction site – from the lead consultant and principal contractor and right down to the individual workers. If you’re a consultant, your drawings can be stored, transmitted and collaborated in a seamless way – leaving you in control of your drawings for the duration of the project. If you are a project manager, general contractor, or subcontractor, you can use the powerful task management to manage punch items, and defects.

Whatever your job, SiteSupervisor allows you to focus on what you do best. This saves time spent on admin tasks and follow up, which translates to more money in your back pocket. SiteSupervisor fits in with the way you work, rather than you changing to fit the way it works.

SiteSupervisor also makes you the master of your own destiny, giving you complete control over your own business data and granular access restrictions over exactly who can access what. It allows for greater control of information while respecting the layers of hierarchy.

SiteSupervisor doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel, or to change your work flows to suit everyone else. Nor does it require you to juggle a dozen logins and passwords, or pay hefty upfront fees for access.

No-one else offers a true ecosystem. Throwing down the gauntlet, SiteSupervisor aims to transform the industry. It’s a single platform for everyone, designed to make every individual across the entire construction industry more efficient. It connects the global industry, offering features and modules that solve the challenges of today while building on a common understanding and language.

Rather than barging in and trying to tell you how to run your business, SiteSupervisor is a true ecosystem which ensures that everyone’s needs are looked after and they all have what they need to get the job done. It’s a flexible and compelling but low-cost solution that adds immediate value to everyone involved in a construction project.

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